16, July

Paper published: On infinitary equational hybrid logic, with Manuel Martins, and Alexandre Madeira, as a chapter in "Aftermath of the Logical Paradise", Beziau, J-Y.; Costa-Leite, A; D'Ottaviano, I. M. L. (eds), CLEF, vol 81, pp 173-202. 2018.

6-7, July

IFIP WG 1.3 meeting at Royal Holloway, London.

1-5, July

Representing UNU-EGOV in the IBEI-CEPAL-CAF Summer School on Digital Transformation for Latin America, Barcelona.

22, June - A New Doctor in the group: Renato Neves concluded a PhD on "Hybrid Programs"

With a PhD thesis on "Hybrid Programs", Renato Neves became the youngest doctor in the group. The jury pointed out his work as an outstanding contribution, denoting a comprehensive knowledge and solid mathematical maturity. E.-E. Doberkat, Tarmo Uustalu, served as main opponents in a jury which also included Marcello Bonsangue, Gabriel David, Jose Nuno Oliveira and myself. Well done Renato!

25, May - Farhahd Arbab Festschrift at CWI, Amsterdam

Paper published: A note on reactive transitions and Reo connectors, with Daniel Figueiredo and Manuel Martins. in "It's All About Coordination" ---Essays to Celebrate the Lifelong Scientific Achievements of Farhad Arbab, Springer LNCS, 10865. 2018

22, April

Representing UNU-EGOV in the meeting of the Director Committee for PASP-TL, in Praia, Cabo Verde.

6, April

New project approved DaVinci - Distributed architectures: Variability and interaction for cyber-physical systems. Funding: FCT; Partner: HASLab (ARCA) at INESC TEC; Budget: 239K€; Starting date: 1 July 2018.

4, April

Pannelist at the "Public sector ICT and modernisation in Sub-Saharan Africa" at ICEGOV 2018. Key objective of the session was to highlight the potential of ICT as a tool, linking vision, strategy, action plans, active monitoring, measurement, and sustainable business models.

15, March

Paper published: A logic for the stepwise development of reactive systems, with Alexandre Madeira, Manuel Martins, and Rolf Hennicker Theoretical Comp. Sci. (in print).

20, February

Paper published: Languages and models for hybrid automata: A coalgebraic perspective, with Renato Neves Theoretical Comp. Sci. (in print).

10, February

New project approved KLEE - Coalgebraic modeling and analysis for computational synthetic biology, in the first round of FCT call. Partners: HASLab (ARCA) at INESC TEC, and CIDMA, at Aveiro University; Budget: 238K€; Starting date: 1 June 2018.