PURe (FCT contract POSI/CHS/44304/2002)

The aim of the PURe research project is to develop calculi for program understanding and re-engineering. Formal techniques that have traditionally been developed for and applied to forward engineering of software, are applied in reverse direction, i.e. for the understanding and re-engineering of existing (legacy) program code.

The project aims to produce relevant contributions in the following areas:
    * Classification (of algorithms, components and architectures)
    * Refinement calculi (for data structures, algorithms and components)
    * Complexity inference
    * Reverse engineering techniques and calculi
    * Technology of visual animation tools for the developed calculi


Language Engineering and Rigorous Software Development is an 
ALFA project (Latin America Academic Training ) funded by the European Comission.  

Project partners are the Universities of Minho (coordinator), Utrecht, Chalmers, INRIA, Politécnica de Valência, Castilla-La Mancha, La República, EAFIT, Nacional de San Luís, Federal de Minas Gerais, Católica de Santiago del Estero.

The project will fund a total of 27 PhD students co-tutored by a Latin-American and an European institution. Total funding: approx. 530.000€. Current state: 8 PhD students have started their work. 

Additionally the project will set up a research network in the areas of Programming Languages and Rigorous Software Construction.

APPSEM II (Applied Semantics)

Several group members participate in this 5th. framework program thematic network, IST-2001-38957 


The Types project is a coordination action in EU′s 6th. framework programme. It started in September 2004 and is a continuation of a number of successful European projects. 

Maria João Frade is associated to this project.


Technological and Scientific Cooperation Project between Portugal and the P. R. of China on Formal Foundations for Component-based Programming

Theory and Formal Methods at U.Minho